Building a chicken coop is easier than you think! Just follow these simple plans…

Did you know that more and more people are building a chicken coops in their back yards?

It’s easy to see why.

A chicken coop gives you access to virtually limitless supplies fresh laid eggs and high grade fertilizer. Not only that, a chicken coop will provide you with hours of outdoors fun, which is great if you have small children.

Problem is, this task can be somewhat involved and gets tricky at times. And if you don’t know what you’re doing you’ll end up wasting time, money and effort.

After all, this is probably something you’ve never thought about before.

And you probably have no idea how to do it.

How do you build an attractive coop which makes the chicken’s happy so they lay dozens of delicious eggs?

This is why I suggest you use the plans found at

I don’t know who owns this site but they’re a genius. After struggling with those rubbishy pre built coops this guy decided to do it himself, and discovered he had a great talent for DIY.

You see, building a chicken coop doesn’t have to be difficult.

And it doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money either.

This isn’t rocket science, and if you can lift a hammer you can build a coop.

But to help you out he’s written a step by step A-Z guide he calls Building a Chicken Coop

In this useful guide you learn how to build the best coop to get the best eggs.

Plus you get dozens and dozens of plans for building large and small coops, and even learn how to build portable chicken coops.

If you want to see what these designs looks like go here

With this guide you’ll get it right the first time, and without wasting any money or effort.

And when your coop is filled with chickens you’ll have fresh, delicious newly laid eggs every morning. Plus a continuous supply of high grade fertilizer. Not only that, your friends and family will be wonderfully impressed with your creative abilities and DIY skills.

What more could you want, and it’s as easy as downloading Building a Chicken Coop

Don’t waste time money and effort figuring it out yourself.

You can wake up to freshly laid eggs every morning and it’s as easy as using the instructions you’ll find in Building a Chicken Coop